harvest houses symbolWe would like to share with you some of our "golden nuggets of wisdom" along with some other meaningful quotes. We asked a group of Harvest Houses residents what would best describe living at Harvest Houses.  Their responses follow.

"We have felt love."

"We all come from different backgrounds, and we all learn from each other."

"To provide quality housing for the elderly is not an option. It is a moral imperative."
-Monsignor Henry Reel

"They shall bear fruit in old age, vigorous and sturdy shall they be."
-Psalm 92

"If you don't have peace in your own heart, you're at war with everything."
-Anna, Harvest Houses resident

"Look at your hand and see how every finger is different. Also, no two people have the same minds, so don't expect it."
-Anna, Harvest Houses resident

"You plow and I'll furrow."
-Mike, former Harvest Houses resident

"Have faith and DO IT."

A very inspirational program “Live with Passion” has offered us many pearls of wisdom for living at every stage of life.  We, in our 80’s and 90’s, take to heart the following today:

  • When life gets us down: “Don’t mope, cope with hope!” (we made individual posters of this one!)
  • No matter what challenges you have now or from the past   “Don’t get stuck,  you can change, keep moving forward.  We have a very precious gift — LIFE — let’s live it fully.  We remind one another “You have to have juice, living with purpose.”